CARLA MONTI lives and works in her own studio in Milan.

As a young girl, she started painting as a student of  Master Giacomo Gabbiani’s Accademia Libera – Free Academy- and she has been part of the association of “La Bottega delle Arti” – The Art’s Workshop – presided by  the painters Luisella Lissoni and Ettore Maiotti. Before giving herself to art, she attained a Master Degree in flower arranging and oriental disciplines at the Ikebana School of Master Houn Ohara.
Most of her artworks are oil paintings on paper or wood, but she also applies herself to watercolour.


Group Exhibitions

“Italian artists” in Moscow
“Meetings of art” Workshop Rafts – Venice with the participation of Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi
“Visions of the Reality” organized by Runs of Art in Palazzo Panichi Pietrasanta Lucca

Polyvalent Sceneries at the Gallery Mentana – Florence
Fair “Shop the City” – Fortezza da Basso – Florence
“Values of continuity” with Gallery Mentana – Florence

February in London “Colours and Shapes” by Platinum Collection
Villa Benzi Zecchini Caerano S. Marco with the participation of Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi
“We work in a common” by the critic Dr. Paul Levi – a work in honor of the town of Bra’ Palazzo Mathis – Cuneo

Gallery La Telaccia in Turin – Art Fair of Innsbruck.
Gallery Emmediarte in Santo Stefano Belbo (CN) exhibition at the Cloister Umanitaria of Milan with the presentation of the critic Paolo Levi.
Platinum Collection in Vittorio Veneto (TV)- reviews:
» Art Italien Contemporain – in Kiron Espace Paris
» Colours and Shapes London
» Artists in comparison – Church of St. Paul to the Plan Vittorio Veneto (TV)

With the Gallery Emmediarte in S. Stefano Belbo (Cn) and Milan, group exhibitions in Treviso, and Kultur am Bodensee on Lake Constance.
Platinum Collection, at the Villa Benzi Zecchini, in Caerano S. Marco (TV) with the presence of Dr. Vittorio Sgarbi, and for Arte Italiana Contemporanea in space Kiron in Paris.
Artist in the World – four-year Art Leonardo da Vinci with the critical presentation of prof. Giancarlo Alù
Expositions in Frankfurt and Dublin and european auction organized by the Mondial Art in Olbia

Annual exposition at the Gallery Gio Art of Lucca with the participation in Art Fair Padova
Annual subscription on Sky Channel 880 by the critical art Andrea Diprè
With the Foundation Giuseppe De Nittis of Barletta collective to Castle Svevo of Trani
Gallery Bonan Studio Art of Bassano and Venice

Contest Belle Arti “Lallo Giraldi” with Galleria 18 Bologna
Art Fair in Parma with the Gallery “La Telaccia” (Torino)
Participation to the review of Painting “If Giovanni Verga returned in Milan” organized by the Municipality of Milan obtaining the award from the Jury with the right to take part to the Round Table on the theme “Giovanni Verga”
Permanent interactive exhibition to the Canary Islands with T-Mas ad Anfi del Mar
Art Fair in Grado with the Gallery Giochi D’Arte
Participation to the collection of the chopping board of art in the neighbourhood of the farm holidays “Bon Tajer” of S. Gervasio, Belluno

V collective of Biennial Contemporary Art in Venice
Gold palm for the art (euro art expo) Hotel Olivi Sirmione
Centro Diffusione Arte “A picture for the hospital Besta”
Art Fair in Genova, Padova and Reggio Emilia with the Gallery ‘La Telaccia’ ART_CO
Associazione Arte Compatibile award Artemedicina to the general hospital San Pietro BG
“Not only painting” in the neighbourhood of the Municipality of Cassina Rizzardi Cultural association of Ferrara PROART in the Castle Estense

Ass. Culturale Athena in Catania,
Ass. Culturale le “Api” in Rome organized in the Barberini Palace, with the partecipation of the Minister Alemanno,
Artistic review from “Telaccia” in Turin and Montecarlo,
Artistic review in Capri with Studio S.Agnese,
“Vino in cornice” artistic competition organized to Albavilla and Villa Garbantini sponsored by the Municipality of Paderno Dugnano,
Art Fair in Montichiari (Brescia) in association with “Galleria Giochi D’arte”,
Art Fair in Reggio Emilia in association with “Galleria la Telaccia”.

Cascina Anna organized by the Milan Municipality,
Galleria “Artincontri” – Torino,
Biennale Euro Pool Mediapolis – Stresa,
Galleria Postart Milano and  Marina di Lepanto,
“Associazione Artevita” – Fighting Cancer Campaign ,
“Scents and Colours of Sicily” and “Italy and the Eastern European Countries” –  Galleria “Firme D’Autore ” –  Giarre,
“National Painting Art Competition” Marzaioli, sponsored by the Municipality of Salsomaggiore,
“National Painting Art Competition” – Galleria d’Arte Moderna Pace,
“Biennale Rialto” Award – Venezia – sponsored by “Associazione Amici del Quadrato”,
Fiera di Forlì, Fiera di Padova, Fiera di Bari,
Title of Honour “Accademica Dell’Arte”.

“Touring Art” – Rimini – on commission by  “Euro Art Expo”,
Third International Art Award  2004 – Exhibitions in Rome, Berlin, Lisbon,
Palermo and Bologna,
“Gallerie le Patio” Prize Salon d’Art Mediterranée Mandelieu Cannes,
Città di Castellanza Award “Castellanza and its Artists”,
XXXVI Premio Primavera: “Club degli artisti”,
Fiera dell’Arte Contemporanea (Contemporary Art Fair) “International
Artexpo” – New York,
Lugano International Art Fair  “Mercart 2004” – Switzerland,
“Trofeo Cremona” – Cremona Townhall ,
XII Mostra mercato Nazionale d’arte in Montichiari – BRESCIA,
Fiera Arte Padova 2004,
“Famiglia Legnanese” – Legnano – Milan,
Fiera del Levante (East Fair) in Bari.

Galleria Sever in Milan,
Galleria “B & T Art Gallery” First Edition- “International Award in Contemporary Art Carnevale Ambrosiano 2003”,
Galleria “Artecultura” at Brera in Milan,
Galleria “Bolzani”  in Milan,
“Puskin” Cultural Centre in Milan and St. Petersburg (Russian Federation).

Galleria Balzani in Milan,
Galleria Galica in Milan,
Villa Hanau- sponsored by the Municipality of Milan.

Villa Litta- sponsored by the Municipality of Milan.



Painter’s Personal Exhibition “Portraits from the word“ in London

Gallery Sant’Isaia – Bologna
“The Artists’ Gallery”, via Nirone 1, Milan

“The Artists’ Gallery”, via Nirone 1, Milan
Museo delle Stelline Corso Magenta 57 Milan

At the Gallery Guaschino La Fenice in Arona by the critic Mr. Livio Papa

At The Restaurant S. Andrews of Milan

“Travel in the color” in the centre – 100firme – in Lissone

“The Artists’ Gallery”, via Nirone 1, Milan

“The Artists’ Gallery” – Critical presentation by Gianni Gallinaro
Artecultura – Critical introduction by Dottor Teodosio Martucci

Gallery “Atelier” in Milan, critical introduction by Dottor Gianni Gallinaro,
Gallery “La Telaccia” in Turin edited by Dottor Malì,
Gallery ”18” in Bologna – Critical presentation by Franchino Falsetti,
Gallery “Cortiletto” in Busto Arsizio edited by Professor Giorgio Rota.

Gallery Artecultura in Brera – Milan ,
Gallery Art-time – Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Galleria Artecultura at  Brera, critical introduction by Dottor Teodosio Martucci,
Auditorium del Consolato Italiano in Locarno – Switzerland.

Galleria Giochi d’Arte – Milan and Luino – critical presentation by Professor Antonino De Bono,
Villa Pomini – Castellanza – Varese – Critical presentation by Professor Giorgio Rota,
Banca San Paolo Imi ag. Via Domodossola – Milan,
Permanent Exhibition at Villa Bianca Terragni –  Seveso – Milan.

Gallery “Artecultura” in Brera, critical introduction by Dott. Teodosio Martucci.



– Contemporary Visual Art and Literature Award – City Of Florence 2003 – where she was conferred ad honorem the title of “Cavaliere Araldico”.
– S. Ambrogio 2003 Award under the patronage of “Gli Amici del Quadrato” (“Friends of The Square”).
– “Gallerie le Patio” Prize Salon d’Art Mediterranée Mandelieu Cannes 2004.
– Città di Castellanza Award 2004 “Castellanza and its Artists”.
– “Club degli artisti” XXXVI Premio Primavera (Springtime Award) in Foggia.
– Premio “La Telaccia d’Oro” 2005  (The Golden Canvas Award) –  Torino.
– XXXVII Premio Primavera (Springtime Award) Club degli Artisti 2005 – Foggia.
– “Club degli artisti” XXXVIII Premio Primavera (Springtime Award) in Foggia 2006.
– “Artevita” Award – Astrolabio Gallery in Rome 2006.
– ”Premio Internazionale“ in Taormina sponsored by the Region Sicily and from the Gallery Athena in Catania 2006.
– S. Ambrogio Gold Award under the patronage of “Gli Amici del Quadrato” (“Friends of The Square”) 2006.
– 2007 – 39° Premio Primavera (Springtime Award) of the “Club degli Artisti” of Foggia
– 2007 – Award Anthony Van Dyck of “Italia in Arte” of Brindisi
– 2007 – Rewarded to the Foundation Gianbattista Vico to Vatolla Salerno and the “Galleria” of Rapallo and S. Margherita Ligure
– 2008 – International award of Art Giovanni Olindo en Colosso (AT)
– 2008 – Premio Primavera 2008 (Springtime Award) “Club Degli Artisti” of Foggia
– 2009 – International award “Arcaista” of Tarquinia
– 2009 – Premio Primavera (Springtime Award) “Club Degli Artisti” of Foggia
– 2010 – Premio Primavera (Springtime Award) “Club Degli Artisti” of Foggia
– 2010 – International award for Painting, organized by the Rotary Club of Aosta.
– 2010 – Award of “Ambiente 2010” in Stresa for artwork “Francesca”.
– 2010 – David of Michelangelo International Award of the Associazione Italiana in Arte in Lecce.



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